Thursday, January 12, 2012

36 Weeks - Exciting!

Today is so exciting! I'm 36 weeks pregnant! One week to go before this baby's full-term!

I'm feeling pretty great and my anxiety is on the way out (finally). I think this kiddo's gonna stay cooking for at least another week and that just gives me so much peace.

My weight gain has slowed a little, so that's good. The bad news though is that the seam in my best-fitting pair of pants split last night and completely shattered my self-confidence (this was after tweeting earlier that day that all my pants were getting snug). I cried. So now I have no pants to wear other than one pair of dumpy old black lounge pants, and I can't bring myself to buy any new clothes just to wear for a couple of weeks. There's the tunic with leggings option, but the two tunics I have aren't quite long enough for my taste. Blah - you don't care about this stuff. Sorry for blabbing.

Complaints: I have lower back pain and my movement ability is that of a beached whale. Good things: no stretch marks, no swelling, minimal heartburn, and really everything is pretty peachy.

I've also been able to make some things! I've made a paci pouch, a diaper caddy, and a set of crib bumpers. Also, all of the orders I placed for "the essentials" have been delivered (and prepped, if needed), so that's all been very encouraging to have things start coming together. Expect a post soon with pictures of what I've made and links to the patterns I used, if any.

Lots of fun things happened today. First, I got my 21st and final 17-P injection to prevent preterm labor. It should get me through this last week before I'm full-term, and then it's Game ON. This babe could come anytime! The treatment was such a blessing. I'm sure that God providing this medication is the reason I've made it this far, and my nurse Shawna just made the entire process so pleasant. It was sad to say goodbye to her today, but she made me promise to send her pictures of little Julee after she makes her arrival.

Next, I had my 36-week midwife appointment which went swimmingly. I was given a packet of tips and tricks to get my body ready for labor! I expressed a little bit of concern when my midwife said to go ahead and start the techniques now, because I don't want them to be too effective too soon and go into labor this week! She understood and said I could wait until later this week or even after 37 weeks if that's what I wanted. So that's what I'll do. I don't need any more early bird babies. :P Oh yeah, and I wanted to mention that Julee is in perfect position for delivery! That really has helped me relax today, because I had been thinking she was a little bit transverse (sideways). There's very little chance that she's going to change positions significantly at this point, so she should be ready to just slip right out! (Yeah, right.) I've moved on to weekly appointments now and got to schedule the rest of them up through my due date. We'll see how many I get to keep!

Immediately after seeing my midwife I headed over to an OB for a quick visit. By SC law, in order to have an out-of-hospital birth, a mom must be seen and approved to do so by an OB-GYN. This particular doctor is very supportive of natural birth and is long-time friends with the midwives at the birth center. He is also the backup guy should anything go wrong and I need intervention at the hospital. He tested the normal stuff for me and the baby, reviewed my medical history, and then he signed off on the approval! Yippie!!

And after all the medical stuff was done for the day, we got to run some happy errands like consignment shopping for some gear (didn't find what we needed - boo), buying some new stretchy yoga pants (non-maternity so I can wear them later!), and picking up a few extra little things for the labor bag like headbands to hold back my hair while I'm pushing this baby out (!!!) and toiletries for my after-birth shower. I know they're pretty insignificant, but it was exciting to be getting things like that ready.

So here's this week's picture! My belly measured small again this week, but still growing!

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Christy said...

Hooray! One thing I could still wear at the end of pregnancy was workout pants, like yoga, but just under my belly and they weren't maternity clothes. So maybe you can buy those to wear now and after :) And I hope yo have a good natural birth experience. I didn't go natural, but our OB office staffs midwives, so I did have a midwife for Sawyer's birth and I loved it!