Wednesday, January 25, 2012

38 Weeks and Still Preggers

Hi there! Julee's still cookin'!

Reached 38 weeks today - cool beans! Pregnancy-wise, I still feel pretty stinkin' awesome. I'm not "done" yet or feel like I Nope...still reasonably comfortable. I can't believe how different my pregnancies have been.

Our family has been struck by lightening this week. Well, more like the plague. Black Death. A week and a half ago Lily Mae started showing signs of a cold, and I caught it just a day later. We tried to bear with things for a while but neither of us was showing any improvement or getting any relief from a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. When I reached full-term last Wednesday, I had a bunch of celebrating planned but didn't feel up to doing anything at all. It kinda stunk. There was just SO much snot. When that snot started turning foul colors over the weekend, I knew we weren't going to be able to fight it off without help. Clark's immune system was starting to break down, too. Monday came and I gave my midwife a call reporting symptoms of a sinus infection. She agreed and gave me antibiotics. I took the little one to the doctor that afternoon and MY GOSH - she is SICK. She has RSV (her doc said I have it, too), a secondary bacterial infection in her lungs, and infections in both ears. Poor, poor kidlet. For feeling so terrible she sure tries to not let it get her down. She's such a trooper. Anyway, she got antibiotics for the bacterial stuff. Then Tuesday, Clark was knocked out cold and had to take the day off. He went to a doctor's clinic and found he had the start of some infections, and for Julee's protection they went ahead and gave him antibiotics to try to clear all the germs out of our house before she comes. So, we're a family full of germs and prescriptions, but we're all starting to show signs of improvement. This has been the first time I've gotten really sick this pregnancy - I had forgotten how absolutely miserable it is.

Anyway...I had an appointment with my midwife today. They don't standardly do exams there, but they will ask if you'd like to be checked. If you do, then they will - simple. I declined last week, but was just curious today. I'm 4cm dilated, 80% effaced, and Julee is incredibly low (like, "right there" low)! They think she'll be coming really soon. I'm not having labor contractions or anything, but the Braxton Hicks have been picking up over the past couple of days. I haven't gained weight in 3 weeks now, but Julee is still growing well and sounding great so there's no concern. The midwives over the past two visits have both predicted that she'll be around 6.5 pounds (there are 3 midwives at the practice, and I see all of them). If I make it another week, I don't think I'll want to get checked again. I know that I'm making progress and I have confidence that she will, in fact, come out one day. I don't need to know every measurement. ;)

Clark's response when we left the center? "4 centimeters, huh? I guess I need to paint the room tonight." Hahaha. 'Bout time. (He still didn't.) (Love you, honey bunches.)

I look really goofy, but LM's cute for sure! We've been going for some walks around the neighborhood to get that pelvis of mine nice and loosey-goosey.

The weather's been crazy nice here for weeks. Today it was in the mid-seventies and sunny. I wore a t-shirt and skirt with flip flops. How silly of me for thinking that it would actually feel like winter when Julee was born....

But really....we're ready for her to come. Emotionally, I'm nervous for sure, wondering how in the world I'm going to be able to be a mommy to TWO. On the other hand, I know we've got everything we really need for now and I'm excited for and looking forward to the birth, breastfeeding a new little nursling, and meeting my baby girl!! My guess is that this will be the last belly picture and pregnancy update, but only time will tell! :)

Big Belly.

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