Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gliding into Mommyhood (again)

This baby can officially come! Well...I would like our family to be a little healthier first, but today's big news is that my glider is finally finished!!

I found a used Dutailier glider on Craigslist when I was around 16 weeks pregnant or so. It had nasty, stained blue cushions that I intended on recovering whether I had a boy or a girl. I did the same for Lily Mae's room, but the glider I found for her was a much cheaper brand and man, you get what you pay for. I improvised on her chair's slipcover and had no clue what I was doing. It turned out ok (I never did finish the ottoman), but most importantly I learned a whole lot.

For this chair, I found my inspiration from none other than Pinterest. I loosely followed this tutorial for a glider slipcover (here is my pin). The designer's chair was very similar to mine, but as I worked I found some differences which meant I needed to do things a little differently.

Before - yuck.

After! Yay!

If you like this slipcover and would like to make one like I did, here are the things that are different between mine and the tutorial I used:

  • One of the snap straps at the top of the back cushion was missing. Instead of making little tube sleeves to cover them, I just made new straps using velcro that loop around the back of the frame. (I think doing that looks better than the tutorial, anyhow. Just my opinion.)
  • I like piping and wanted my chair to have it. I made the purple piping and pinned it between my layers before sewing.
  • The bottom cushion on my chair attached to the frame with ties, so I added ties to my cover. I didn't see this step mentioned in the tutorial.
  • The armrest cushions in the tutorial were rectangular, but mine are molded foam. Making a rectangular cover wasn't going to work, so I simply examined the cushions I had and tried to copy the pieces. I traced around the curves on the sides to make a pattern for those pieces before pinning it all together. Also, her cushions snapped right to the frame, while mine attached with two straps. I just left openings in my cover for the straps to come through and snapped them; I didn't bother making them pretty because they are barely visible anyhow.
  • The tutorial shows how to make or add pockets to the armrests. On her chair, the armrest frame is open, so her pockets are on the outside. As you can see, that wouldn't work on my chair, so I added pockets to the inside of the seat (and I love them). I lined them with purple but wanted a little bit of it to show, so I pulled some of it around to the front before finishing my seams.
  • My armrest cushions did have snaps on the bottom that fastened to the frame under the bottom cushions, and like in the tutorial, I just cut holes in my cover for the existing snaps to be accessible. I did finish the edges of those holes with a satin stitch before poking the snaps through, because the unfinished edges in the tutorial just gave me the willies (but that's just my preference).
  • I didn't like the ottoman cover in the tutorial, so I did mine differently. My ottoman definitely needed piping to match the chair, so my top and bottom pieces were equal shapes with the piping sewn in between. I did do a sleeve opening like in the tutorial, but with not quite as much overlap - only about 2 inches. I also added snaps to the opening just to ensure tightness of the cover after several months of use.

So there you have it! I'm so happy with how it turned out. We've still got a ton more to do in the room, but I'm making progress! Clark will be painting the walls a deep purple color as soon as he's feeling good again!


Kelly said...

That is pretty awesome ... and crafty! Good for you! I have to do that for our rocking chair ... it was mine when I was a baby.

Nick said...

it looks great! i had my crafty friend recover owen's glider... i couldn't do it myself! :)

Nick said...

and by nick it means kaley...

Diane said...

I am really impressed with your talent!

AmyB said...

I love it! I actually truly do like yours better than the tutorial. Yours in much cleaner. :)

Abbi said...

you did AWESOME!! beautiful :)


how much do you want if i send you the fabric? i really like it but i don't know how to use a sewing machine lol

Jess Thompson said...

I'm flattered, Barbara! Unfortunately, I don't do sewing projects like that - way too busy! But I will encourage you to learn to sew. It's fun and easy to learn and the possibilities for what you can make are endless!