Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Say It With Me: FULL TERM!!

This is so unreal!! WE MADE IT!

That's right, friends, I'm 37 weeks along today and have reached full-term in my pregnancy. I've been concerned about getting to this point since the day I found out I was pregnant, and now we're here! While I never doubted God's plan or that things would be fine now matter how they happened (or that he would never leave my side), I couldn't help but harbor some nervous feelings. But no more!! Even since yesterday morning, I've felt such relief. When I used to panic with every contraction not knowing if it was dilating me or not, now it just doesn't matter if it is or isn't! Dilate away!!

I'm still feeling really good in general. Lily Mae's been giving us quite a bit of trouble at night for the past couple of weeks - she's been having chronic tummyaches (doc said she's fine, medically) and she caught a cold a few days ago. She hasn't been able to sleep through the night in a while and I've been awake with her every time for normally 2-3 hours. All that to say: I'm exhausted. I know when this baby's born sleep will inevitably be little-to-none, but I'm feeling it wearing on me more now while pregnant than it will when I've got the new mommy adrenaline fighting my sleep battles for me. I'm also a little bit sick right now, too. Yuck.

Super flattering picture of us two sickies this afternoon.

Still no swelling, no stretch marks, and I actually haven't gained weight in 2 weeks, so that's totally cool with me. Julee's still growing just fine! It feels weird to not have gotten a shot today. You can't tell by this week's belly picture or even in person, but she has dropped. I'm not sure if she's still got more to go, but I can definitely tell that she's a lot lower, especially because something - either her head or her fists - are pressing on my inner groin ligaments causing me to double-over in pain! Ack! That never happened before now, that's for sure.

And OH, OH, OH!!! My friends threw me a surprise baby shower last Thursday!!!!! It was a total surprise and I was overwhelmed by their love and support for me. My friend Layna hosted it at our church with a "Bundle Puggle" gift theme. We have all the gear we need but had a big gap in warm, cozy newborn clothes since Lily Mae was a new baby in the summertime. Not anymore! Julee's closet is totally filled with the cutest and most cuddly clothes - she'll be a very comfy and stylin' kid. My friend Megan made awesome cupcakes and other friends brought yummy snacks. Not gonna lie - it was a little scary to be the center of attention and my red face could've put a lobster to shame, but it was a really wonderful night and I'm so very thankful to my friends for their encouragement (and to Clark to lying to me for weeks, haha).

No midwife news to report today because my appointment isn't until tomorrow. We've got some plans for our friend Leah to take some maternity pictures of us this weekend, and I don't expect to have to cancel. I think we've got at least another week to go! (But if I've learned anything, it's that this whole process is pretty unpredictable!)

Not a huge change from the past couple of weeks. Oh well!

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