Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Past 1/4 of a Year...

I have a blog? Whoops. I must've forgotten. I've been floating around doing a little of this and that, and obviously NOT blogging. So much for keeping consistent written records of mine and my kids' lives.

I last blogged when Julee was about a week old, and now she's three months old! Did that fly by or what?! Well I'll try to recap things since February without being too wordsy.

The transition to having two kids was definitely a challenge: don't let anyone tell you it's not. We took things in stride and are pretty settled these days. Julee's first weeks involved a lot of newborn stuff, as you might expect. Lots of feedings, diaper changes, and sleeping (for one else). Her first checkup with the doctor went really well! She's exclusively breastfed and has never had a bottle, and we don't expect that to change. We were co-sleeping at first which was totally awesome. Since I had some experience this time around, nighttime feedings were much easier on me than they had been with LM, but I felt way more tired. I had wanted her to stay in our room with us until she was 6 weeks old, but it ended up being over 8 weeks simply because we hadn't finished her room yet. Oops. (It's still not done...just done enough to be used.) I would love to be a co-sleeping family, but Clark and I really value our space and time alone so it's really just not a good fit for us. Plus, Julee is a great sleeper and has been ever since she's been in her own bed. Go figure! She slept through the night three times, but I think she decided that that made her too hungry throughout the day. Now we're just waking up once a night which is totally fine with me. It's really the only time the two of us are alone all day, and baby snuggles in the middle of the night are perfect in my book. She wakes up for the day around the same time as Lily Mae....8:30ish. I know, I have awesome kids. Did I mention she's also a super efficient eater? Lily Mae used to take upwards of an hour for every feeding, but this new little nursling takes 20 minutes, max. In the beginning, JBug didn't make it more than a few minutes of being awake before needing something: either being held, being fed, being bounced back to get the idea. It was a little frustrating and very exhausting, but something just clicked when she turned 7 weeks old and she switched into a totally chill baby just like her big sister was. She's stayed a very laid-back baby ever since. I'm still asking myself how I wound up with two really laid-back, easy-going kids. It's really great! At her 2 month Well-Visit, Julee was 10lbs on the nose and 22.5" long: 30th% for weight and 60% for height. We go back this Friday for some shots (babies wouldn't normally go at 3 months, but my kids are on an alternative vaccine schedule) so we'll get an update then. She is still small for a baby, I guess, but she seems huge to me compared to Lily Mae at this age.

We're still a babywearing, cloth diapering, natural parenting family and we love it. It works for us and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm still running my cloth diaper store which kind of took a nosedive after Julee's birth, and that's kind of what I wanted. I didn't need to be worrying about orders and whatnot at that time, but I'm trying to pick things back up now. I'll tell you....launching a website right before the holiday season can give you a real false sense of success! Things were really busy at the end of last year! Right after Christmas, though, orders slowed down to a crawl and now I've learned that I've got to work hard and earn people's business! (Hello, Captain Obvious, nice to meet you.) So, now I'm in that "working hard" phase.

Both sets of grandparents have come to see the kids several times, and my friends Bonnie and Joe even came down for a long weekend in March. Just last weekend we took our first mini-trip to my in-laws' condo in Myrtle Beach. We had a good time together but the weather kind of stunk so we didn't get any play time at the pool or the beach. It went pretty smoothly, but to my surprise, Julee handled it better than Lily Mae did - probably because LM was actually aware that she wasn't at home. That's probably obvious, but I have Mommy Brain. 

Lily Mae is doing great! She's a sweet little toddler who's learning new words every day. She watches a lot of movies - way more than I'd like to admit - but we're just now coming out of "survival mode" due to the new family member. Most days, I just try to keep everyone happy and healthy, but lately I've been feeling like I can take on more and more (mostly thanks to my early Mother's Day present - a Keurig!). All that to say....she loves ANY Disney Pixar movie. She's particularly fond of "MQueen" (Lightening McQueen) and "Mo" (Nemo), but Larry the Cucumber still has her heart. She's also pretty into Blue's Clues (what a cool show for kids!) and loves yelling "clue!!" every time she finds a paw print. Being Clemson fans, that pretty much means we hear "clue!!" about 80 times a day around our house with all of our Clemson stuff. Maebert loves her little sister! She'll run across the room just to give the baby a quick little snuggle and she's always trying to help by bringing her burp cloths and blankets to her. If Julee's crying, Lily Mae will try to help her by giving her her paci or a toy. There really hasn't been much jealously, at least not yet. I really love this age difference - it seems just right to me. The sisters are starting to build their own relationship and it's so fun to watch.

Clark's doing well and still working hard. I'm so grateful that he provides for us so that I can stay home with the girls....what a blessing! He's a fantastic dad! He's also back in the band leading worship at church, and he's pretty much a rock star. Sorry ladies, he's all mine! I love that man. Like a whole lot.

I've totally dropped the ball on taking pictures over the past three months. I don't have much to share with you, and I don't think any are going to make it into this post since I really don't have the time to go through and process what few pictures I do have. Julee has been especially jipped...I did monthly photo shoots of Lily Mae and photo-documented every single event. Well, Julee hasn't had even one photo shoot yet, and I haven't captured any of her first anythings. Hopefully that will change - fingers crossed.

So I think I'll leave you now and enjoy some alone time before one of the girls wakes up from their naps. Thanks for catching up with me! I hope it won't be so long before my next post, but hey, life happens. Peace!

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