Monday, June 4, 2012

Disney World!

Last month we had the really great opportunity to go to Disney World! Clark's company sent him down to Tampa for a convention and it was no extra cost for us to go with him. After his work was done, we trekked over to Orlando and spent a couple days in Disney World! Thanks to a wonderful friend who works in the park, we were able to get in for free! We only had to pay for two nights in a hotel - totally worth it! Both girls were amazingly wonderful on our road trip there and back, and our stays in both cities was completely peaceful. Couldn't have asked for better kiddos!

So without further ado, I'll let a bunch of pictures (I actually took pictures!!!) tell the story of our little adventure.

We spent both days in Magic Kingdom because it was the best park for Lily Mae.

The first day, we spent a only few hours in the park with our friend Heather. Family photo op! That evening LM, Clark, and Heather rode the tea cups, and then we all rode It's a Small World and enjoyed the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor show together.
The first thing we did on our second day - after spending a fortune on an in-park breakfast - was ride the People Mover around Tomorrowland. Lily Mae LOVED it, especially riding in the dark parts.

Again on the People Mover train. How YOU doin'?
Next we rode the Jungle Cruise, but I don't have any pictures of that. It was ridiculously hot...over 100 degrees under a cloudless sky. I had been babywearing Julee for a couple hours and she got overheated. :( During our long wait for the riverboat, JBug had gotten pretty angry about things and needed a break. We stopped for lunch and Julee got an unexpected ride in Lily Mae's stroller to cool off. 

Lily Mae and I got to ride our first ride just the two of us! Aladdin's Magic Carpets - up, down, spinning around...she had a blast! I didn't know that I could have put her in my lap while we rode, so as much as I wanted good pictures of us together, Clark just couldn't get a good angle because of where she was sitting. :( And the post-ride shots weren't great, either. These were the only shots of me and Maebert - my only regret was that we didn't get more.

Then I got to ride the carousel with her, too! Once up on that horse, she really didn't want anything but to get down. But after it actually started going around, good golly, she had such fun! After that we grabbed some ice cream. :)

Julee's short break to cool off turned into a several-hour-long recovery nap. She needed it and I was really glad to have the stroller option for her even though I had planned to wear her the whole time. It was just too stinkin' hot.

Next, Clark rode Dumbo with Lily Mae!! I was so happy they got to do that together!

Post-Dumbo joy!

I exclusively breastfed Julee as I've always done (if you wants tips for the park just ask me). We took lots of breaks and found shady spots to sit. One such spot was next to the Tea Cups that LM had ridden the day before. She was really excited to see them again (but didn't ride).

Julee turned 4 months old that day!
Sometime between feeding Julee and getting to our next ride - Pirates of the Caribbean - Lily Mae fell asleep. Like, into a DEEP sleep. She was totally wiped out from the day, but I give her credit for staying in such a great mood even through her normal nap time. We had a little trouble waking her up in time for the ride, but she did just in time. She really liked it, but Clark and I both forgot about the pretty long, steep drop in the dark at the beginning of the ride. It scared her a little and I felt so bad. :( She clutched on to her daddy, though, and perked right back up once she saw some animatronic pirate doggies. ;) No pics of that ride. Bummer.

After Pirates, we decided to call it a day. We had been at the park for 7 hours or so and we were all hot and sticky and exhausted. The Magic Kingdom show was going on so of course we stopped to watch for a bit on our way out! LM finally got a good opportunity to wear the Minnie ears Heather had gotten made for her when she was born!

Clark was amazing. I couldn't ask for a better husband or daddy to my girls. He was all about doing all the "boring" stuff so that Lily Mae would have a great time! And he was totally supportive of me feeding/taking care of Julee and helped me with anything I needed. Not many guys would be such great sports taking a nursing momma and baby and a toddler to Disney! (Thanks Love, you're awesome!)

Some nice lady offered to take a picture of all of us!
So all in all, we had a wonderful time! We would've only changed how hot it was, but now we know to go earlier in the year if we have a choice. We'll be going back again next year for a longer visit and we'll go to the other parks. Gotta get in a good, long visit in before LM turns 3 and we have to pay for her! ;)

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