Friday, June 8, 2012

Two Years Late: Lily Mae's Room! (See also: Big Girl Bed!)

Over two years ago, I revealed my grand plans for Lily Mae's room design. Since then, I've promised several times to share her room with you, but it turns out that those were empty words. Sorry 'bout that. But at last! The moment you've all been waiting for!

(What? You don't care? Pish-posh. Yes you do.)

Why now? Well, because Lily Mae graduated from her crib to a big girl bed last Saturday! Before we converted her crib and toddler-proofed her room (more than it already was), I took some pictures of what her "baby" room was like. I mean, hey, I put a lot of work into that room and I want to remember it!

If you didn't bother to read that ancient post about my plans, I'll just say that I made everything myself from a twin-size bedding set I found. It may not be your style, but I love it. :) I want to remember everything I did!

(Excuse me that I didn't make everything perfect. This room has been very "lived in" for two years now.)

The crib. It was originally on a pink wall but that arrangement wasn't the best.
I made the crib bumpers and the bedskirt.

Many a late-night feeding was done in that glider. Squeaky chair but very fond memories.
I designed those fun Snoopy art prints and made the cushions for the glider. You can see that, even two years later, I have not gotten around to making a matching slipcover for the ottoman. Whoops.

The changing table/dresser area. That's where the crib was, originally.
I made the curtains and painted the lamps. Clark refinished the dresser which was the same one that was in MY nursery when I was a baby. Finished off with drawer pulls that I made with my friend Bonnie.

A little better view of those curtains. That was a labor of love right there - made with help from my friend Layna. Bonnie and I also painted those frames together, and I made that little decorative pillow in the glider.

And there she is.... my BIG girl in her BIG girl bed! Isn't she just the cutest?

She's been doing SO well at night! She hasn't gotten out of bed at all! She fell out of bed only once but never even woke up (not even when I put her back in bed). She's been sleeping through the night as usual, and she has even given up her paci! She only ever got it at naps and bedtime, but I checked it and it was completely pulverized - chewed to bits. I had to get rid of it without warning because a piece of plastic was about to tear off and choke her. Poor kid :( She's a trooper, though. Naps have been challenging since it's bright in her room and she can see to get out and play, but we're working on it.

Maybe, just maybe, I'll share Julee's room before she turns two. (But don't hold your breath.) ;)

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