Thursday, July 18, 2013

Blog Refresh! Feels Clean.

Hey, everyone! Haven't blogged in over a year, HA! My regular old readers are undoubtedly gone, especially with the death of Google Reader.

*a moment of silence, please.*

Well, a warm hello to all you new readers who have clicked over from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - what have you. I offer a big internet hug to you and make absolutely no promises to blog often. Once upon a time, I was a regular poster, but that was before having kids and I was certainly not blessed with the "mommy blogger" gene.

This post, actually, is not even really much of one. Just a "welcome back to my ancient blog" and a mini-tour of some changes. First, I got rid of my old header! It only took me four years! The former was a picture of a mission trip Clark and I took with a bunch of friends from church to Honduras. Still very fond memories there, but the new header obviously captures our day-to-day a little better. Also, a new background and theme. (Because I know you keep track of all that.)

Second, you don't have to check back here for posts! You can look at the top of the right sidebar to subscribe to my posts through email. Or, you could look at the bottom of the left sidebar to follow me through Google+. Not actually very sure how that works, so don't ask me. ;) Or even one more way to stay in the loop....I'll be linking all my posts on my Facebook wall. If we're FB friends, you'll know anytime I post a new blog.

Third, look at the left sidebar pictures! For those who don't know me in real life or aren't regularly in touch, now you can put faces with the names I blog about. Aren't we just the cutest little things?

And lastly, I enabled mobile viewing! So if you're reading this from a cell phone, you haven't seen any of the changes I've mentioned so far. Sorry. Scroll to the bottom, click on "web version" and enjoy one fine-lookin' blog. It'll be worth it. (Or not, and you'll never have to do it again.) :P Anyway, enjoy easier reading from your mobile devices. Now you can take me anywhere!! (If you're reading this from the John, just don't tell me.)

I promise proper grammar, cute pictures of my kids, and inconsistent posting frequency. If you like something, leave a comment. Who doesn't like a nice comment, after all? Thanks for stopping by! I'll post again...sometime. Maybe. ;)


Danielle Blumer said...

Glad to see you in the blogging world again. :) I just love your little family. You all really are adorable!

Kelly said...

I'm happy to read about you and your adorable family again. I need to reinvent my blog too. Maybe I'll get to that this week ...

mpm said...

Google Reader was replaced by Feedly for me. They took all my Reader subscriptions before Reader was shut off and, well, here I am!