Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hi, My Name Is...

So hi again!

I feel like I have to reintroduce myself after all the time away (not considering my last post). It may not actually be necessary, but I don't talk to many of you often (and don't know others of you at all).

Here goes. I'm Jess! Hey! I'm 28, I stay at home with my two amazing kids, and I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant with our third baby. I own an online cloth diaper retail business (go check it out: www.greenjellybean.com), and love all things baby and natural and hippie-dippy. I'm an advocate of natural birth and breastfeeding, and that may very well be how many of you came to find out about me. I married a wonderful man almost 6 years ago and we're still very much in love. I'm a very blessed girl. Blessed by whom? By my Lord Jesus Christ, of course! I'm a follower of Christ and, though I fail often, strive to be more like him every day.

Clark's my husband. He's pretty awesome. He has a very un-hippie-ish job as a contractor for the government, doing all kinds of project/hardware/software engineering stuff. The past couple of years he's been heading up projects having to do with boat systems - not that he's a boat guy. He's super smart and a man of God, and leads our family well. He's a great dad and his girls adore him. He's kind of a rock star on guitar, jamming out on the electric like nobody's business. He's pretty much just really awesome at everything he does.

Lily Mae is my first born - just turned 3 last month. She's the sweetest kid and is absolutely perfect 95% of the time. The other 5% is spent being a normal 3 year old. She's always been laid-back and cool, friendly, and so smart! She's great at drawing and knows all her letters, shapes, colors, numbers, animals, etc. etc. I could brag on her all day long. And it's my blog, so I just might do that here from time to time. She's a big Pixar film fan just like her mama, and also enjoys her VeggieTales and My Little Pony. A girl through and through but not overly-girly... loves dresses and hairbows and pretty things, but super excited to start soccer in a couple months and loves to play outside.

Julee is my little squirt. She'll be 18 months old next week and spends the majority of her efforts learning how to do everything her sister can do (and she succeeds). She started walking at 10 months, a full 6 months sooner than LM did. Personality-wise, she's exactly the same as the big kid, but milestone-wise she's always been way ahead. She's a climber, a talker, and gets frustrated with her parents a lot of the time because, by golly, the girl knows what she wants. She likes to be on the move and definitely doesn't like to have to sit at a table to enjoy a nice, peaceful meal. As active as she is, she still loves to go for rides on mommy's back in the carrier and could happily hang out back there for hours. She's generally a very happy, chill kid, and after all this time we're still wondering how we got blessed with not just one but two really low-maintenance girls. (Remind me I said that when they're 16 and 14.)

The last family member is growing in my belly. We don't know much about the little one yet, but he or she has been dubbed "New Baby" by the oldest sister and it's just stuck. Just a few more weeks until the big ultrasound where we get to find out more (and we will)! We've got a boy name picked out - the same name we've loved since our first pregnancy. We're still working on a girl name...we have a first name we like quite a bit but no middle name yet. We'll make a decision before the ultrasound on August 13th and will share the results and the name publicly after we throw a fun gender reveal party with our friends (all the cool kids are doing it). New Baby has been kicking since about week 13, though flutters are still few and far between. My belly is soooo much bigger this time around than it ever has been before (and it looks different, and it's carrying differently). I'm doubtful that that actually means anything boy/girl-wise...could simply be the fact that it's a third pregnancy and every baby is different. Who knows? I definitely don't have intuition swaying either way on this one. I'm pretty sure it's human, though. A boy would be cool. A third girl? Someone hold me, I'm in trouble....

We also have a kitty cat, Peanut. She's a people-lover and is great with the kids. We love her. She and Julee have been best buds since we brought her home from the birth center. It's sweet.

There you have it. Our family. :)

We're off to a week in Orlando on Saturday!!! Woot woot!!

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