Saturday, August 17, 2013

Baby Three...What Shall It Be?

So much has happened since the last post (surprise)!

The two main things being 1) we went to Disney for a week (!!!) and 2) we had our big anatomy ultrasound for the new baby on the way! This post will focus on the latter - I'll get around to posting about Disney soon, I hope.

I'm almost at 20 weeks in my pregnancy already. Whoa, nelly! Our ultrasound was this past Tuesday (19 weeks, 1 day). I was a complete mess, as usual. I typically handle stress pretty well, but something about the possibility of seeing something wrong with my baby seriously wrecks me. I had been having stomach aches from the anxiety for up to a week beforehand - typical for me as I've learned the first two times. At least I didn't cry before the ultrasound like I did with Lily Mae and Julee (yes, I cried from sheer anxiety). Anywho, yeah. Stressful for this mama.

But the ultrasound was perfect (almost)! Baby measured great! It was the first ultrasound we've had that we could actually distinguish a real baby in there. Before, it's been really hard for Clark and I to know what we were looking at, but this time, the baby was so easy to see. Curled up in a little ball, squirming and kicking around, hands up by her face....

Yup, HER face! We're having another girl! No lies here....we were hoping for a boy. That said, we were both expecting a girl, and we're not disappointed. We believe that God intentionally designs every person he makes, and he must have wanted this one to be a girl. It was a let down at that first moment, but we quickly surrendered to God's will for our family and reclaimed the joy that he has given us in another healthy child. And what's more - we simply adore our two girls! One more of them will no doubt be a complete delight. There are sure to be challenges unique to having three girls so close in age (especially during teenage years...and weddings! Someone hold me!), but there's also so many positive things to look forward to about the bond these sisters will have for life. We feel so blessed!

Our youngest cutie pie.

We headed over to the birth center after the scan for our prenatal appointment and all was well. The midwife did break some news to me, though: the ultrasound tech had called over to the office with a concern about something she found. She noticed that I have a low-lying placenta. It is too soon in the pregnancy to diagnose placenta previa, but they are going to keep an eye on it. I will need to go back for another ultrasound at 28 weeks to check on it, and hopefully it will have moved up and out of the area of concern. The midwife assured me not to worry about it (ha.) and that she is pretty confident that it won't be a problem next time they check. Prayers for this issue would be greatly appreciated, as this condition could pose risks to me and the baby, and if it does not resolve, would mean an unavoidable c-section delivery. So please pray.

After the ultrasounds for our other kiddos, we headed over to Target to pick out very special, gender-specific baby blankets for them. Clark and I decided to keep the tradition going and enjoyed choosing a nice, soft blanket for our newest girlie. Since this one will be matched almost exactly with Julee's seasons, we will need next to nothing for her arrival. She's going to have so few things that are new and only hers, but I guess that's how it goes when you're the third girl!

On Wednesday night, we had a bunch of friends over for the ever-trendy "gender reveal" party. I was a little nervous about not getting a very enthusiastic reaction when it came time for the announcement, but I ended up feeling so blessed by our friends and family who were just sincerely happy for us, no matter what the sex of the baby was. They were just there to celebrate with us and gave simultaneous cheers of support and joy! Couldn't have asked for anything better, and it was such an encouragement to feel so loved. Clark and I did the reveal by having our guests count down, and when it came time, we poured a cup of pink lemonade drink mix into a pitcher of water and stirred it up. Everyone does cake or balloons, but we wanted to "mix" it up a little (har har). It was pretty cool. We all chowed down on a nacho bar and enjoyed each others' company. I made a cake that was surprisingly good (I'm not always the greatest baker). Good times.

It's a girl!!

Want a stress-free party food idea? Nacho bar. (I can't take credit - my sweet friend Liana suggested it.)

My three girls. I expect the newest will be just as goofy as these two.

We also announced her name! She goes by New Baby no more! This little one's name is....

Autumn Grace!

Clark and I were having a really hard time coming up with a girl name for this baby, but we eventually came to one we both love! We both have always loved the name Autumn. Autumn is our most favorite time of year. Even though we don't get all the drastic seasonal changes where we live in SC, Clark and I just thrive on the cooler air, the colors, the sights and smells, the cozy crisp-but-not-coldness weather that autumn brings each year. We look forward to it during every other season and we feel most comfortable - most "at home" - during the fall. The mere thought of autumn brings contentment to our hearts. The family activities, the delicious flavors of foods and drinks, (Clark would probably interject "And football!!!" right about now).....what's not to love?! So she's going to be an Autumn.

I was adamantly against "Grace" for the longest time. It's such a pretty name, yes, of course! And the meaning of the word alone just encompasses so much love from's hard to see why anyone wouldn't like it. But I personally don't favor names that are so wildly popular. So. Many. People. are named Grace, or it's their middle name. It's a wonderful name - that's why people choose it! My name - Jessica - was the #1 most popular name in the year I was born. I've known SO many people with my own name for my entire life. While there's nothing wrong with giving a name that is timeless and lovely and popular, I just always felt I wanted my kids to have names a little more unique. That is, until Clark stepped in and made it all meaningful and personal for us. Haha. We wanted a name - a word - that meant something, not just one that sounded pretty. Clark suggested Grace after where he and I met each other, serving in the worship band at our church in Maryland. We are not naming our girl after the church, per se, but after the place and time in our lives that we fell in love with each other. After he explained his suggestion that way (and I gathered my heart back up from the puddle it had melted into), I had no more objections to it. Autumn Grace it is, and we love it.

Autumn's first cake!
I'll be 20 weeks on Monday and hope to write a halfway post sometime next week!

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kaley said...

I had a low lying placenta as well. It's almost never a problem for placenta previa if it's not covering the cervix already. Everything looked great at my 28 week ultra. Hope that is of some comfort :) yay! Another girl! Love the name.