Monday, August 19, 2013

Halfway There!

I'm 20 weeks today, huzzah! Technically speaking, this marks the halfway point in pregnancy, but seeing as we can safely assume this baby's coming early, we're already more than half-done. Still, 20 weeks is a fun milestone!

20 week belleh.
Let's take a moment to recap, since there's been little pregnancy talk so far on the blog since I booted it back up last month.

So, I found out I was pregnant essentially right away - probably even sooner than I should have been able to know. But the test showed up positive and that was that! I rightly suspected that I'd get really sick again, so I ate as much as I possibly could in those first weeks...gained a quick 7 pounds right off the bat! Boy, was I glad I did. As before, I got sick as a dog - sicker than ever before, in fact - and lost everything I had gained. But for the first time, I did not dip below my pre-pregnancy weight since I stuffed my face early on. It at least made it look like I wasn't dying, even though I felt like I was. Sickness started at 5 weeks and lasted through 14 weeks, and things were beyond miserable. I had to take Zofran again just to be able to function. Before, I needed the same amount with both girls; with Lily Mae, the meds would only stop me from actually throwing up, but I was still pretty much confined to the couch being nauseous and unable to eat until about 16 weeks. With Julee, I actually felt pretty good as long as I was taking my pills. Still didn't have an appetite, but could be an active participant in family activities. While I felt much better, I did have to stay on the Zofran a little longer that time, through 18 weeks. This goodness. As sick as I was the first time, my symptoms didn't even come near what I went through this first trimester. I was on three times the dosage of Zofran than was necessary for the first two. Even then, I was still throwing up every few days and not able to eat a thing. Not gonna lie....I was kind of hating life for a while there. Just awful. But the good news! I forgot to take my pills right around 14 weeks, and I didn't get sick! I tried not taking them a couple more times that week, and faired ok! So it was really nice that even though the sickness was a lot more intense, it did end sooner than it had before. I've had a few random bouts of grossness since then, but it's safe to say the worst is over.

As we moved to into the start of the second trimester, things slowly eased back to "normal". My severe food aversions gradually waned, my energy trickled back, and my spirits lifted. Even six weeks in, I have to admit that I'm still tired. I am still having rapid blood sugar drops where I have to eat something RIGHT NOW OR I'LL PASS OUT. (I say that, but I've never passed out/fainted in my life, so I don't actually know what that's like. But....I start blacking out and feeling like something awful is about to happen.) My appetite is back for sure, but please don't ever ask me what I want to eat because I Do.Not.Know. Just something. In non-pregnant life - and Clark can attest to this I'm sure - it's never easy for me to pick a place or food I want to eat. Now? It's a constant battle. I always want to eat but I never know what. It's frustrating. I wish I could be one of those normal preggos who actually gets cravings and must have that one specific thing. That would at least be easier when it comes to decisions.

My only main complaints - typical of my second trimesters - are constant dull (sometimes not so dull) headaches and lower back pain. Not too bad! I'll take it. Anything is better than the first trimester. (A.n.y.t.h.i.n.g.) I'm actually doing something a little out-of-the-box for me for this pregnancy: chiropractic care. For my entire life, I've been quite the skeptic of chiropractors. When I was growing up in Maryland, I didn't really know anyone who went to them, because I guess I and the people I hung out with just viewed it as a giant load of you-know-what. That said, OBs and midwives alike sing the praises of having good chiropractic care during pregnancy. Having the spine in alignment and your pelvis opened up and loosey-goosey has been shown time and time again to aide a smooth labor and ideal baby positioning for birth. Seeing as both of my girls were born posterior, I'm really willing to give it a try to avoid that happening a third time. LM's positioning created some potentially serious complications, and had it not been for the quick thinking and intervention of the doctor, she could have been in some big trouble. Now, Julee was in the same position and a whole pound and a half bigger, but thanks to be able to labor freely in water being sunny-side up didn't really interfere much with her coming out. I'm not naive enough to think that things couldn't have gone differently, and I want to take steps for a better, anterior outcome this time. If seeing a chiropractor will help, I'll give it a shot. Many of my friends here in the south see them and claim how helpful they are, and I don't think my friends are completely nuts so I trust them. I got a few referrals and am now seeing a very sweet lady who happened to have both of her children at the birth center as well. As a matter of fact, I just had an appointment this morning and am pretty optimistic that whatever she did will help ease the pain I've been having lately. If Autumn comes out anterior, you can consider me sold on the chiropractic thing. ;)

I'm still worried about the placenta issue, and probably will be for another 8 weeks until the next ultrasound to check on it. It has been quite the relief this past week, though, knowing that my sweet baby is doing well in there. I've been feeling flutters since 13 weeks and they've transitioned into gentle kicks by now. No one would be able to feel her from the outside, yet. Feeling her move so soon has been quite a change from not feeling Lily Mae until 23 weeks! I did get to feel Julee at 14 weeks, so it wasn't surprising to me to feel it so early. I love those little squirms - reassuring encouragements from the little one that she's alive and happy in there. I've gained back all the weight I lost and then some, bringing my total gain right now to around 13 pounds - right on track for a healthy pregnancy. Julee will be moving in with her big sister in the next couple of weeks, and hopefully we can have Autumn's room ready for her before she's born - a first in our house! Her room will be simple and "mainstream" since I really just don't have time to invent an entire unique nursery theme. Lily Mae's funky Snoopy theme was awesome and still so fun for her as a little kid, and Julee's monster theme has been fun and original. Autumn will get elephants in her room. They're trendy (practically meaning that I can actually go to a store to buy things that will go great in there) and yet I'll still be able to make as much as I want to myself. Better get on it!

There has been a massive baby boom amongst my friends and three of them have had their babies in just the past two weeks! I'm so happy for them but also it makes me extremely excited for the rest of this journey to meeting our next sweet babe of our own! Let do the second half of this pregnancy well! Woot!

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