Monday, September 9, 2013

A Good Midwife Report for Today

I got to see one of my midwives today for a standard prenatal checkup! I'm 23 weeks along today so this was technically my "24 week" appointment. Since I was so sick early on I was actually asked to come in a week early to have some things tested, and that has kind of thrown off the "normal" appointment schedule by a week ever since.

I got to see Lesley this morning - haven't gotten to see her yet during this pregnancy. The visit was short and sweet and this mama and baby are looking just fine. I've gained 10 pounds since my last visit (!!!) even though I've been making pretty healthy choices...eek! Lesley wasn't concerned but suggested I take in less carbs and more protein, and that doing so should keep my weight gain on track so I'm not a total whale by the end of this thing.

Autumn's heart rate was just fine. I had forgotten to mention that the placenta is not only low but also right in front, so I'm not feeling quite as much movement as I'd expect to. It's true that I've been feeling flutters and kicks since 13 weeks, but just not very often. Lesley said that that's fine considering the anterior placenta - that the baby's essentially kicking a giant pillow. She's still small enough that I'm only able to feel the really big movements, and that in a few more weeks I'll be able to feel much more even in spite of the "pillow". Excited for that!

My next appointment is in 4 weeks on October 8th and I'll have my glucose test. I've never minded drinking the stuff before and diabetes hasn't been a problem for me in the past. I'm not nervous about it though I'll still be relieved if the results come back well! Right after the appointment with the midwives, I'll head on over to the OB's office for the next ultrasound to check on the placenta. Lesley encouraged me that many times the 28 week ultrasound will show a low-lying placenta to be growing in the right direction but still not in an optimal position. She assured me that even if that does happen to be the case, to not worry. I would just go back again at 34 weeks for another ultrasound check and things would probably be fine by then. Her confidence was a relief for sure, but of course I'm still nervous and would appreciate your prayers over that issue.

So, 4 weeks until my next appointment and then we bump up to the every-two-week checkups! Things are speeding right along here. Lily Mae and Julee are very excited big sisters and have been giving "their" new baby plenty of hugs and kisses every day. Maebert loves to tell everyone she meets about Baby Autumn (who's "stuck in Mommy's tummy until she gets bigger"). Her enthusiasm is contagious! I love what sweet and compassionate people my girls are, and how close they are in age. I'm learning that every family has their own challenges, no matter how many kids there are, whether they are boys, girls, or a mix, or how many years are between them. All I can say is that I know without a doubt that this is the family God has given us, and love is abundant and overflowing. I can't wait for our little clan to keep on growing!

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