Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Random 22-Week Post

22 weeks today! (Yesterday? Well, it's after midnight but it's still Monday to me.)

22 week belly.
Lots of random stuff I'd like to share. First, things are going well! Julee caught a little cold and had some ups and downs, but none of the rest of us got sick. I'm so very thankful for that, especially considering the copious amounts of snot I was coated in for a week and a half. Having a cold - or any germ at all - really, really sucks 100x worse when you're pregnant, so I'm 100x more grateful to have made it through. [knocks on wood]

My number one pregnancy complaint is total exhaustion.  I thought the middle of the second trimester was supposed to be the most energetic phase of pregnancy! If that's true - and it has been for me before - then I'm in trouble when the third trimester hits. Not sure how much more tired I could possibly get! Of course, it does have a lot to do with me staying up WAY too late the past couple of weeks. Clark and I took my business site down for a bit to make some minor changes. Those minor changes turned into completely redoing the entire site almost from scratch because Clark found something much, much better to use on the admin side. The changes took a lot of work from both of us, but I'm so happy with the end result. My new online store is awesome! Very much worth the late nights, but I'm most definitely still paying for them.

We just got back from a weekend away with the in-laws. They live in upstate SC and it was nice to get a change of scene for a couple days. We spent the afternoon at the lake on the boat and playing around in the water. All of us loved it, but of course the girls just had the best time! Coming back to enjoy a Clemson win wasn't half-bad either. The girls were great on the drive home thanks to good timing for naps and a really great van with a DVD player. I don't like to remember what those road trips were like before that wonderful vehicle joined our family. I've embraced the Mom Van.

Julee moved into Lily Mae's room last night so that we can 1) get the girls plenty adjusted to being in the same room before Autumn comes and 2) to free up Julee's old room to be transformed for another little person. From Facebook earlier:

Last night, Julee moved into Lily Mae's room. It was a little frustrating, and after 15 minutes of Julee jumping around in her crib and bothering her sister, I was worried it might have been a bad idea (not that we really had a choice). Another 15 minutes later though, they were both settling down and fell asleep. I had no idea how nap time was going to work today, but after just a few reminders to the littlest that she needed to lay down, she cooperated and both girls slept for over 3 hours. Tonight, we said our goodnights and prayers, they both laid down in their beds, and were asleep within 5 minutes and never made a peep.

Why do I always have such anxiety over transitions? They have both been so easy-going and flexible from the very start, and have never given me reason to think they wouldn't handle changes well. I'm one silly mama with two really fantastic kids. Feeling so thankful for their personalities. 

So obviously things are going better than I expected! I took pictures of Julee's room before Clark moved her crib out and I hope to share those soon. I am fully determined to have Autumn's room completed and ready for her before she's born. We didn't get to finish Lily Mae's room by then thanks to going into labor at 31 weeks. We weren't too concerned about finishing Julee's, because we knew she wouldn't be sleeping in there for at least two months after she arrived. That's the case for this kiddo, too - she'll be spending her nights in the co-sleeper next to our bed for at least 8 weeks. But, as you'll see soon, I never finished Julee's room...not the way I had wanted to. It was cute, but most of what I had wanted to do was never completed (or even started). Now she's out of there and I'm having a Mom-Failure complex. So, Autumn's room will be done on time. Heck, it'll be done early. Clark has given me his full support and efforts to help get it together, and when he's involved, things get DONE. And they get done WELL.

I'm done playing "secret baby room theme" games that I've done so many times before. No secrets anymore. I already mentioned a few posts ago that her theme will be elephants, because it's cute and simple. I wanted to share the color scheme with you since we picked out paint samples last weekend. No matter how I tried to photograph them, the colors weren't turning out right. I even tried looking them up online to get screenshots but those didn't look right either. So I gave up and just took a picture of what I have and decided to just not care if the colors look wonky on your screen and if the white balance is off. You can deal. ;)

Mint Whisper. Vessel Gray. Reflecting Rose. Brushed Rose.
The belly's still growing. I'm gaining weight a little too quickly these days and am trying to reel it in a little, ha. My next appointment is on Monday, just a normal prenatal checkup. I'm still worried about the low-placenta issue and am seriously hoping for a big relief in 6 weeks when I have my next ultrasound to check on it. You all can keep that specific request in your prayers if you wouldn't mind. ;)

Alrighty so that's it. A little hodge podge of info for you. Hoping to post a couple more times this week!

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