Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Another Viable Baby!

I made it to 24 weeks yesterday! I don't know why, but viability has always been a big deal to me. I blogged about it when pregnant with Julee, too. It's fascinating that this little person in my belly - at just over a pound - could survive if she were born now, 16 weeks before her due date. That gives me a sense of peace in some ways but makes her impending arrival much more real in others.

24 week belly!
I've been feeling a little bit down lately for the silliest reason: there's not very much to do to prepare for the new baby. Especially considering that she's the third girl, we've got everything we need already, even down to all the clothes since she will be born in the same season that Julee was. I've got a few projects to tackle for her room, but since we've decided to not be overly ambitious this time, the to-do list is pretty short. Autumn already has her own special blanket and we still need to pick out a coming home outfit for her to wear. I decided to make a new ring sling for her and will also be making and trying a stretchy wrap for the first time.

Fabric for the new ring sling.
 One thing I do know - babywearing is a lifesaver and I love it! I'm pretty sure this kid is going to be glued to my body most of the time while I chase around the other two, so I guess you can't have too many carriers! So that brings me to the real reason I brought it up - there was a really great deal on Zulily (referral link) today on a soft-structured carrier I've had my eyes on for years, and I got it!!! It's the Ergobaby Petunia Pickle Bottom designer one! With a price tag of $145, it's not something I could have ever justified when I already own a ring sling and two mei tais (which I love and sell). But when it's on sale for just $54...by golly, I'll take it and not feel guilty in the least! I know I will absolutely get my money's worth out of it, and when I'm done with it in a few years, I will probably be able to sell it for close to (if not more than) what I paid for it. I've never used an Ergo before but I know they are wonderfully made and supportive carriers. Mostly I'm thrilled about the sleep hood, since I know from much experience that when a baby/toddler falls asleep in a mei tai on your back, there's really not much you can do to stop their head from flopping without having to walk around like a hunchback.

It's ok to drool a little. Better yet, go snatch one for yourself before they sell out!
Also noteworthy: I'm typing this up from my brand new laptop! My husband is a computer engineer. We have many computers...we each have desktops, I've had a laptop for years, he's got a work laptop, and we have a home theater pc in our living room. Not to mention both our smart phones and an Apple TV. It's not lost on me that we are tremendously blessed - so I hope I don't come across as some sort of materialistic/consumerist jerk. At the risk of sounding like one anyway, I'll say that the past 5-6 computers I've had have been hand-me-down/junk computers from friends and family. We know someone who has issues with their computer and they buy a new one before asking Clark for help. When he tells them that he probably could have fixed it, they give us their now-unneeded computer. Clark fixes it up like new in just a couple hours and boom - Jess gets a "new" laptop. This method has been just fine by me for many years, until I started having to do all my business accounting on my laptop that, over time, began to have some serious issues. It would overheat and shut down without notice, usually when I was in the middle of paying state taxes or balancing my books (of course). Clark has been on the hunt for a new machine for me and it was just delivered yesterday! A petite, touchscreen laptop that WORKS. I'm happy, though having to learn Windows 8 has left me feeling a little inept. It was a little embarrassing at first but after playing with it a little I'm feeling not so computer-illiterate anymore. Very grateful for the upgrade! (You may even see some more frequent posts from me now that it's so much easier.)

Me, right now. Enjoying naptime in the fresh air.

Back to the pregnancy thing...I've been feeling just ok lately. Still dragging through each day being just so tired. Julee slept well for the first 4-5 nights in Lily Mae's room but then cut a couple of teeth and hasn't really gone back to normal. She's a bit of a momma's girl so, for now, I'm the only one who can quickly put her back to sleep when she wakes at night. Normally I wouldn't mind, but I'm really starting to be affected by the many weeks of bad sleep. Both girls also had some sort of weird stomach thing over the weekend and it was a big disaster. Sunday afternoon/evening was an unusually terrible night, with a TON of pelvic pressure and lots of Braxton Hicks. I came |thisclose| to calling the midwives, but after drinking water, laying down, and being catered to by my wonderful husband, the symptoms faded and I got some rest. Everything has been fine since, and hopefully it'll just stay that way.

I know this post is dragging on and on. Sorry (not sorry). I can't forget to mention my little soccer player!!! Lily Mae started playing in a micro league on Saturday! She has been SO, SO very excited about it for months - I kid you not. She had talked about it almost daily. I know my girl, though, and being excited about something doesn't necessarily mean she'll have the courage to follow through when the moment arrives. She's brave, don't get me wrong, but she's a little shy and a little bit of an introvert (different things, I know), so I didn't have very high expectations for her first practice. But wouldn't you know....she had a BLAST and had absolutely NO hesitation to participate! I was really, really proud of her and was probably That Mom who went a little nuts cheering and taking a bazillion pictures. Whatever. I don't care. She was proud of herself, too, and ran off the field a few times just to give hugs and kisses to me and Clark for letting her play. She can't wait to play again!! I'm so excited for her to have a good time! (PSA: I do want her to do her best and try hard and learn new skills. I will not be That Mom who pressures her kids to participate in extra-curricular activities they don't enjoy.) And also? SHE IS SO CUTE.

See? Cutest kid EVERRR.
Til next time, friends. Thanks for reading. :)


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