Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Buggie's (Now Old) Room

HEY! I'm actually posting about Julee's "Super Secret and Unique Baby Room"! If you're a long-time follower of mine, this is no surprise to you. I shared all the plans for Lily Mae's room at some point during my pregnancy here in this post. I made many promises to share the end result with you all, but alas, I went into preterm labor and it wasn't finished until after she was born. By that time, I had a newborn and did not feel like blogging whatsoever. When she finally was ready to have her crib converted to a toddler bed, I took a few quick pictures and gave you all a general idea of her room (this post). It was also in that post that I half-sarcastically said that maybe I'd get around to posting Julee's room before she turned two....and well, she's 19 months so this is a Win in my book.

I recently went back through all of my old updates from my pregnancy with Julee and discovered that I never even shared anything about her room plans at all. Just a lot of "haven't done anything for the room yet" and "hopefully I can make progress soon." Haha. I did post this semi-tutorial for recovering a glider (the most popular post on my entire blog of several years).

So without any further ado, I present....Julee's baby room!! A monster theme!!

The big picture.
Clark and I wanted to do something special and unique (very sweet in theory but we've now learned choosing a completely original theme makes it pretty impractical to actually complete). We picked monsters with a funky dark purple and lime green color palette (hot pink, orange, and teal accents). It was cute but would have been awesome if it had really been carried out. Our friend Joe helped Clark paint the room during a visit from Maryland, and man, they did a great job!

Julee's dresser, a cute autograph frame from her first birthday party (guess I should put a picture of her in it sometime), and Sulley. Up top we've got a monster that I drew and my mom did in needlepoint, the "J" sign that was meant to be hung on her bedroom door but never was, and Keroppi. I know Kero isn't a monster, but if you squint and turn your head slightly to the left, he could pass for one. (Right?)

Above is the entertainment center that was meant to be organized all cute-like with bins and books and pictures, monsters friends had designed for the room, etc. Instead, we've got a bulky piece of furniture that is home to some tissue paper poms that were never hung from the ceiling, receiving blankets that were never used, a cool curtain rod system from IKEA that was never installed, and other random junk. I made that monogram out of some really awesome flocked felt, and it was supposed to hang above her crib. We ended up thinking we might be moving, though, and decided not to make our baby's initials a main focal point of the room should we have buyers over for showings. So it's on the bookcase thing. Up top we've got Mike Wazowski keeping an "eye" on things (har har), a monster that our friends Bonnie and Joe made (the blue guy), and another that our friend Leah made (drew up and dyed the fabric and sewed herself....and he's playing a guitar!!).

Here we've got the really awesome glider that I'm still really happy with. After over a year and a half of use, I can say that my recover project stood the test of time. Now I'm going to have to recover it again....oy. There are paper lanterns (the light is actually a really awesome teal color), the changing table (never got around to making a changing pad cover - that's just a blanket up there) with teal bins for her cloth diapers, our diaper pail, and a side table. Up top we've got one of my favorite things in the room - a monster band that Leah (same one from the stuffed monster) had drawn. I wish I had taken a closer picture of it. It's super fun and my only regret is not making those prints larger.

And lastly we've got the crib wall. *sigh* This is the most disappointing. I made those window shades thanks to Pinterest...fail. There's a reason people hate those rolling shades....they totally suck! "Oh, just glue your fabric of choice around the vinyl" they said. "It'll work perfectly and be awesome" they said. A big fat NOPE to that one. I used a lightweight fabric and even so, adding the extra bulk made the simple mechanics of the shade just plain not work anymore. It was too heavy and thick for it to roll properly, and as you can see, once your toddler gets a hold of it from the side of the crib and pulls, there's no hope for ever getting it into the right position ever again. The original plans were to have sheer lime green window curtains around the tops and sides, but that didn't happen. And then there was that monogram I made that wasn't mounted. But hey! I made those crib bumpers and they've been pretty great (made them with snaps instead of ties this time and life has been so much easier when the sheets need to be washed). Meant to make a crib skirt but didn't.

I know it sounds like I totally just dumped on the whole room, pointing out all the ways it wasn't what it was supposed to be. Not sure really why I've got that tone....the room was a pleasant place to be and was mostly clean. I've got lots of happy memories nursing Julee in there and it's where I was really able to get my one-on-one time with her. I liked the colors and thought they were fun, and it was so nice to have this space for our little one. I'm just really suffering from mommy guilt right now that I never gave Julee the attention she deserved to have a place that was designed and worked on just for her. Ah well. I'll get over it and try to learn from my mistakes, and she's not going to care or ever remember any of it. She'll get to keep the best parts of her room when we relocate all of her stuff - the monogram will finally be mounted and she'll have all her art hung on the walls. So far we've only moved her crib over. So there you have it - a baby girl monster nursery (sort of)!

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