Monday, September 23, 2013

Life at 25 Weeks

I'm sitting out on our back porch again, and on this third day of fall I couldn't be more sure that Autumn is the perfect name for our baby. This season is beautiful, from start to finish. It's like God planned one last amazing experience for us to enjoy every year. Winter has its perks, sure, but they are more centered on celebrations and quality time with loved ones. I think most people would agree that the best thing about the cold winter temperatures and grey weather are snuggling up in cozy blankets and drinking mulled cider. Autumn requires no special foods or extra layers of sweaters to enjoy - though pumpkin is obviously one of the best things ever.

Today marks 25 weeks for this baby in my belly. Things are going just fine. I've got back pain here and there and the Braxton Hicks are picking up, but that's all to be expected. My next appointment isn't for another two weeks but I'm definitely starting to get more anxious about the follow-up ultrasound results. Knowing me, that's also to be expected. Hopefully that placenta of mine is up and plenty out of the way.

Since last week's post, Julee has been sleeping much better! I think in the past week, she's only woken up at night once, and she was very easy to get back down. I've been enjoying the extra sleep! Lily Mae had soccer practice again on Saturday, but it was also picture day so we had to arrive an hour early at 8am. To accomplish that feat, I had to get up at 6:30 and that just about killed me. I'm still a little bitter about it but I'm sure the pictures will be worth it. (And yes, we were suckers and agreed to pay the absurd fee for those shots. And I'll do it again and again for all of our kids.)

I got the rings delivered for the sling, and - make sure you're sitting down for this - I completed the sling the very same day! I don't think that has ever happened in the history of my crafty life. I decided not to add a pocket to the tail of the sling, because I never used the one that was on my old one. But now I kind of feel that maybe I should have, just in case. Also, I had only purchased 2 yards of fabric and it really could stand to be about 6" longer. Lastly, I made and sewed the pleats in such a way that there is an okay-looking side and a perfect looking one, and sadly, I did it backwards (the perfect side is on the inside of the rings and unseen). Oh well. Now I know and I'll make those changes for the next sling I make. In spite of those couple of things, I actually really love how it turned out! I tested it with Julee, of course. (I was very quickly reminded why I switch to mei tais when they get heavier.)

Yesterday morning, Maebert was drawing pictures on her "doodle" like she does every day - the girl LOVES that thing and is actually incredibly talented at drawing. She has an above-her-age understanding of the baby growing in my belly and what birth is, and as a birth junkie, I'm totally proud. She knows that she was a baby and was in my belly before she was born, and she somehow remembers that Julee was born in a bathtub (I've only told her that maybe twice, and not at all recently). So, after she drew a miniature version of herself as a baby, she went on to draw Julee's water birth - complete with the tub, me, and her little sister. Besides the actual skill involved in a 3.25 year old understanding that and drawing it incredibly well, what brings me the most joy are the smiles. I am so excited to be able to raise her with an excitement and joy for the labor and birth process instead of the fear that is so abundant in our culture!

And the last exciting thing to share is that Clark and I got to go on a date over the weekend! We enjoyed some Thai food at a new local restaurant and then skipped over to - don't judge - a wine bar, haha. I got quite a few looks stepping into that place with my giant belly. Clark had done some research and found that they had a cool cheese sampler plate and thought I'd enjoy that. He was totally right, I absolutely would have, because cheese is awesome, duh. Turns out, though, that out of the 30-something different kinds of cheese they had to choose from, only three of them were undoubtedly safe for me to eat. The rest were imported sheep, goat, and blue, soft cheeses that were questionable in safety (for a preggo) at best. (If you're confused...many soft and unpasteurized cheeses can contain listeria, which when ingested by a pregnant woman can lead to miscarriage or preterm labor. With my track record, that's a big No-Thank-You for me.) We ordered some fancy-schmancy dessert instead: a chocolate hazelnut mousse thing that was over a dollar a bite. Seriously. It was five bites. Seven dollars.

Afterwards we still had a little time to kill before getting back to the girls at home, so we went shopping for Autumn's coming home outfit! We found a cute fleece sleeper in - you guessed it - an elephant print. I'm pretty excited about stuffing my little squishy newborn into it in a few months.

Well, that's about it. We're off to visit friends in Maryland this upcoming weekend! Really excited about our annual trip to the Renn Fest with Bonnie and Joe and Noodles & Company and Ikea and crazy beltway drivers...oh wait, no. Not that last thing. But everything else for sure! Expect fun pictures next week!

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