Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Good and Not Great News

Well, things didn't go as super awesomely as one would hope this morning. But it wasn't all bad...

Started the morning off with the glucose test. I hear tons of complaints about it but I've never really minded it. I drank the stuff, it was just fine, and then had my regular appointment with the midwife. Autumn's heart rate was 140 - good - and my belly measured right at 27 cm for 27 weeks. Right on track. I've gained a lot of weight over the past two months, but the midwife said that's to be expected and is normal, and that she's not at all worried about it. I thought that was strange because I feel like I've already gained as much as I wanted to for the entire pregnancy, and I'm not even through my second trimester yet! Oh well. If she's happy with how I'm doing, then I guess I am, too. And I guess that means it's permissible for me to keep eating pumpkin pie this fall as I've planned.

I brought up the severe back pain I've been having and asked her opinion of if I should continue seeing the chiropractor or not. Her verdict was to keep going; that it was probably doing me more good than harm. She knows the chiropractor I see and feels very confident in her skills, and she thinks the benefits of getting that chiropractic care during pregnancy are definitely worth it. Ok, then.

After that finished up, I waited for my hour to wrap up before the blood draw. That went fine, and no news is good news. Hopefully I won't get any calls about that.

Off to the partnering OB's office for my follow-up ultrasound to check on the placenta. Well....it's still low. It has not moved high enough out of range yet for a truly safe vaginal birth. I was reeeeeeally hoping to hear some better news today. Something like, "Oh yeah! That placenta is way up there now! That won't be a problem at all!" No such news. The ultrasound tech has sent her report to the midwives and I'll have to see what they say about it. Most likely, they will need me to go back again in another four weeks to have another ultrasound, at which point hopefully they'll see improvement and give me the all-clear. I've already been impatient and left a message for the midwife to call me back and talk to me about it. I really want to know what they think of the report. My midwife told me that the tech would be able to tell me if it had moved out of the way or not, but the tech was hesitant to give me a verdict. I got a "well, I don't know how far away they need it to be for you to give birth there." I remembered them saying 2 cm at my last appointment, and when I told that to the tech, she said, "Oh. Well it's not that far away." So.....that's where things stand right now.

Truth is that I'm pretty upset about it. Of course there's no use going on and on about how discouraged I feel right now, before I've even heard what the midwife has to say and getting any kind of official diagnoses of placenta previa. Hopefully it will resolve. There's still time. But right now, in this moment, I'm really sad over the potential loss of a really wonderful natural birth. Your prayers are still really deeply appreciated, and I'll update as I find out more or know what the next steps are.

The good news is that we did get to see our little squishy babe! That's never a bad thing. And people...she was actually cute. Like, seriously. We saw her face and she stuck out her tongue, and she's got the same chubby cheeks as her sisters. It was really sweet to see her (and we did get to confirm that she is a "she"). :)

Don't be weirded out. This is just to give you an idea of what exactly you're looking at in the ultrasound picture. And see those cheeks??
So there you have it. I'm sure I'll update soon!


Amy said...

What midwife do you usually see? Just curious. :). Will keep you in my prayers that you are able to have the birth you are hoping for. You are in good hands, that's for sure!

Jess Thompson said...

Amy, I see them all, but over the past two pregnancies it has been mostly divided between Laurie and Judy. I have only had appointments with Lesley a few times. Thanks for your prayers!!