Monday, October 28, 2013

The Thirty-Weeker

Thirty weeks today! Something about being in the 30's now makes it seem like I'm so much further along. The 20's was still just mid-pregnancy. Now, all of a sudden, I'm kind of at the end already. Ok so I still have 7-8 weeks to go, but still.

Whoa. At least 7 more weeks to go? I'm sure to get some rude comments from strangers this time.
 Not a whole lot to report this week. Baby girl is practicing her soccer skills right along with her sisters. The kicks have gotten stronger for sure, and even a little painful at times, but she has stopped doing total 360's in there and seems to be staying head-down. So, good! Autumn hiccups a lot (she is right now, even) and it bothers me a lot less than when the other girls did it. I used to hate it.

My belly is measuring exactly where it's supposed to, but with it being the third pregnancy and sitting much lower than before, I look about as big as I did at the very end of the last one. Oy. I feel pretty enormous. Whatever....I'm thankful to have confidence in my experience that I do actually lose the weight. The weight actually isn't even the just looks so big this time.

Went to the chiropractor today and she snapped things back to where they should be. And Clark is just about the smartest guy ever. When enrolling in our benefits last year, he anticipated having another baby and found the most cost-effective plan for us, considering the shots and midwife care I'd need. Well we've hit our deductible (as intended) and now the rest of everything is covered. He really is so smart. Now I can go to the chiropractor as often as I want! Haha. Considering that my back has been my #1 complaint, I'm really excited to have more regular appointments. I'll probably be going weekly until the birth. (And now the real testing begins....I'll let you know if chiropractic care actually works or if it's a total waste of time. The jury's still out, but I will absolutely have a verdict for you by the end.)

My next midwife appointment is next Monday afternoon and I'll see the chiropractor immediately afterwards. We're excited for Halloween this week! Lily Mae is going to be Rainbow Dash (a My Little Pony) and Julee will be Rainbow Brite (LM's costume from last year). I'm sure I'll post some pictures from our trick-or-treat adventures later. Still not sure what we're going to do! They could just stand in the front yard, though, and it would still be the cutest thing ever.


Diane said...

Just so you know, you don't look big....just wonderful!

mpm said...

Jess, you look great!

I know that is dangerous territory for a man, but if it helps deter random stranger foolishness (and the negative thoughts that come with), then I'm willing to go there.

My best to Clark and your other little ones!