Monday, October 14, 2013

Third Trimester! Woot!

28 weeks today! Officially in the third trimester!! We're in the home stretch now...probably 9-10 weeks until my sweet girlie is in my arms. Exciting!

Not much to report since my last post, really. Julee got sick and that kind of stunk. She just had a cold but it turned bad kind of quickly - moved down into her lungs and she started wheezing and having a hard time breathing. I had to take her in to see her pediatrician and she had to have two breathing treatments right there in the office to try to open her airways. (Side note: JBug weighed only 19 lb 11 oz. She's over 20 months old. That's crazy.) Then they sent us home with an inhaler....oy. It has helped a lot, though, and she's on the mend, but it did make things pretty challenging for a few days. She also has an ear infection and she's on antibiotics for that. Anyway, JBug's a tough cookie and didn't make a huge deal out of how badly she felt. She's cool. She also didn't share her germs with the rest of considerate. ;)

I went to the chiropractor today and we had a little chat. I told her how seriously my back has been hurting. She has confidence that she can help me and my midwife trusts her, so I'm going to keep trying this thing. She felt around, found the problem, and explained to me what was going on and how she was going to work on fixing it. She really did a lot of work on me today and told me to expect to be really sore for the next day (no joke). But she said after that initial soreness, I should start getting some relief! And since she likes to see her pregnant patients on the same frequency as prenatal appointments, that means I'll be going to her every 2 weeks (instead of every 4) from now until 36 weeks. Hopefully that will help her have more of a chance to teach my back who's boss.

One of my best friends Liana had her baby yesterday! Sweet Evelyn Claire is just the cutest. I got to snuggle her in the hospital this morning and they're already home now! Liana had Evie at the same hospital where Lily Mae was born, and since Clark had the day off today, he let me go visit sans kids (not that they were allowed to go anyway). I am just so proud of my friend. She's an ICU nurse, and while an out-of-hospital birth isn't her thing, she still understands the value of doing things naturally. And you know what?? She did it! Not only that, but labor stopped progressing after about 8.5cm and they decided to give things a boost with a low dose of pitocin. And this chick still took those contractions without an epidural. I mean....I've had two natural births and felt every bit of every contraction. I know what those suckers are like. But pitocin contractions are a different ballgame all-together! I don't have experience with them, thankfully, but natural contractions are the most I can possibly handle. I don't think I could take the additional pain that comes with those drugs. Kudos to her for toughing it out! She actually made great progress after that and pushed that baby out after about 20 minutes.
Liana and Evelyn Claire
I love when my friends have babies. Seriously.

Driving to the hospital almost made me weepy. It was the same route I drove to go to my prenatal appointment almost 3.5 years ago....when I had "Braxton Hicks" the entire way only to find out I was actually in preterm labor. Worst day of my life. Getting rushed off to downtown Charleston to another hospital, pumped up with steroids for my unborn baby's lungs, and anti-contraction meds pumping through my veins....all the while fearing for my little girl's life and what could happen if she were born so early. And by the grace of God alone, that situation worked out and we were blessed with more time. Many weeks later, we were discharged to go home to wait more comfortably for labor to safely restart. When it did, we drove on that same highway to the hospital, slightly panicked because OHMYGOSH she was almost out!! We made it just in time. Best day of my life. That highway - "61" - has meaning to me. I can't be on it without reflecting on those experiences. And today, alone with my memories, Ray LaMontagne's "Hold You in My Arms" playing through the speakers, and autumn leaves falling down inside the tree overwhelmed me. I was overtaken with a fear that can only come from a past experience of the very real possibility of losing your first child. And I was then overtaken by gratitude and the faith that my God, my Jesus, has never, ever left me or my babies. Not ever. And he never, ever will. I am SO far from perfect, and I screw up ALL the time. But God has always shown me grace and given me blessings that I did and do not deserve. If Lily Mae were to have been born that day, at 31 weeks, and if she had not lived, God still would be good and he still would have been by my side. He saw her into this world when she did come, and then a year and a half later he was with me when Julee was born. And you know what? He's going to be with me and with Autumn, too. Whether it's another beautiful water birth like I dream for, or whether my placenta doesn't move out of the way and I need a c-section...he will be there. We named our first daughter after the glorious lilies of the field in Matthew 6:25-34, to always remind us that God holds us. "And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?" (Matt 6:27)

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