Sunday, October 6, 2013

Three Months 'Til D-Day

You read that right: only three more months until my due date! I know enough to know that without intervention and this progesterone in my system, I'm going to go into labor. So, I'll be full-term on December 16th and then it's game on (so that's 10 weeks from tomorrow). Still, even though she'll arrive before January 6th, it still somehow feels significant that there are officially just three short months left. That feels like forever at times and like a blink of an eye at others.

I figured I'd just take the opportunity to post tonight instead of waiting until Tuesday. I know I'll have new updates to post then and don't really want to write a novel that day. We've been really super busy this past week! Monday night I done got my hair did! Haha. But no really, it's a big deal for me. I'm one of those people who has a weird, probably unhealthy attachment to my long hair. I hardly ever cut it but usually have some sort of color in it just for fun. I have a TON of hair and it takes forever and a day to get it done, which is only more of a deterrent. That and the cost, of course. When Julee was just seven weeks old, I had a momentary freak-out at 4am one morning since I kept rolling over onto my hair and getting stuck in bed. I decided then and there that I would go down the street to the local strip mall and get it chopped off the next morning. And yes, that's exactly what I did. I had the stylist cut a FOOT of my hair off. That impulsive decision led to - no joke - three months of self-esteem issues and crying episodes about my new short style. Until this past Monday, I had decided to not do anything with my hair. Well, it is finally long enough for me to feel ok about it. I went to my friend Justine's house (she's a former professional stylist) and she fixed me up. She kept true to "just a trim" and gave me some nice highlights to blend in my roots from the last color (they were down to my collar bone). I know "ombre" is all in-style these days, but it's not what I was going for. I haven't had a haircut/color that I've actually been satisfied with in years. I'm really happy with what Justine did and it was a really nice second-trimester treat for this mama.

Wednesday morning I attended the first meeting of a new women's Bible study group at church. It's kind of hard to describe the structure of the group as our church is kind of going through some restructuring of the way we do small groups, but I'll say that it's a great group of ladies that I'm excited to get to know more. The meeting itself was pretty frustrating for me since Lily Mae was being a total terror in childcare and I had to leave to address issues with her probably three separate times. Very frustrating. I missed almost the first half of the group. Anyway...I'm sure this week will be better. I'm excited!

Thursday, we went out to a nice family dinner out with my parents and my aunt who was visiting from MD for the week. The kids were pretty decent and that always has a direct correlation to how much I enjoy a meal. Oh, and it ended with cheesecake. BONUS.

Friday, Clark and I attended an event at church geared towards building up marriages. Think: fun date night at church with yummy food and friends sharing about their lives and families. It was the first one we've gone to even though there have been a bunch in the past. It was a nice night and we had a good time - definitely a nice change of pace for us on a Friday night. Oh, and I totally stuffed my face with desserts. We're talking mini pecan pie, candies, donuts, banana pudding, pumpkin pie (um, two slices, let's be honest), and who knows what else. (Miiiiiight explain the sudden jump in weight gain recently. But shush your mouth about that, ya hear?!)

Saturday morning Lily Mae had soccer practice. After missing last week, she was a little hesitant to participate this week. She eased up after a little encouragement and had a good time. She wasn't the best listener and followed directions less than normal, but didn't get into too much trouble. My parents and my aunt came to watch her play and she enjoyed the extra attention and cheers. Her first real game is next Saturday. We've got a little work to do with her this week, just to teach her some basic concepts that she seems to be missing (understandably) know....that the point is for your team to score goals and to stop the other team from scoring. Hehe. Go Ankle Biters!!

After practice we had a yummy breakfast at Perkins with the fam and went straight from there to a birthday party! (Seriously. We've been so busy.) Our friends Megan and David celebrated their sweet boy turning one and had a fun party. We loved the food and the company even more. So happy that they've made it through this first year of being a family of three! They're great parents and Lil' David is a great kid. We love 'em.

And that brings us to today, Sunday! We took it easy this morning, made a usual Target run, and chilled out during the girls' nap. After heading to the 5pm service at church, we went out to a dinner with some dear friends of ours visiting from Nashville. John and Amy were our small group leaders when we started attending our church over five years ago and they have a very special place in our hearts. Many of our old small group members joined us to chow down on burritos and catch up on life. It was really awesome seeing their faces again!

I can't forget to mention one of the best things to happen this week....Clark put Julee to bed tonight and it went perfectly! She never cried for me! That has NEVER happened before and has been something I've thought was only possible in my dreams! Needless to say, I'm pretty excited. Maybe I'll be able to enjoy a few new freedoms before this next baby comes, after all. :P

Just a random one of Julee. She's super cute.
Until Tuesday, folks. Please remember to pray for the placenta issue to be clearly resolved in the ultrasound. I'll update that day to let you know how it goes!

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