Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bring on the Tub!!

Friends, Family, Loved Ones, Strangers…….

My placenta is out of the way!!!!

I'm thrilled. Just had to get that good news out there! But now let me back up a little.

Yesterday I got to 33 weeks. Only four more weeks until this show can get on the road! This morning was my regular checkup with the midwife. It was scheduled with the one midwife I hadn't had an appointment with yet, Leigh. I had met her before; she actually oversaw my postpartum care at Julee's birth after the attending midwives had gone home to go to bed. I liked her then, but was still a little nervous today. (After finding out about the placenta issue, I was actually nervous before every appointment. Just because.) She came in with a midwife student who was shadowing her for the day and walked her through the normal routine…mine and baby's vitals, belly size, reviewing my weight/urine results, etc. (all that was great, by the way). For some strange reason (God), I had been taken to the room with the ultrasound machine. And by some unusual circumstance (God), Leigh offered to just flip the machine on to get a glance at what my placenta was doing to see if she could tell anything (my official recheck is not for another two weeks). She made sure to tell me that she wasn't the best at reading ultrasounds and that I would still have to keep my official recheck appointment, but she thought she'd be able to at least see something one way or the other. And she did!!!


It was not even close. Like, not at all. She found the edge of the placenta very easily. And you know what was below it? Autumn's entire head. The WHOLE thing. She obviously wasn't able to give me an exact measurement, but it's way more than 2cm away - in fact it's an entire baby's head length away - and therefore a total non-issue now. She told me to enjoy the peace and comfort of knowing that for the rest of the pregnancy and to just go have fun seeing the baby again in a couple weeks, but that there's nothing to worry about.

So what does this mean?? It means I can stop being so stinkin' anxious all the time! That I can finally allow myself to get excited about this birth. That barring any emergency complications (unlikely), I can get geared up for another beautiful water birth at the birth center. This is HUGE for me. I had been expecting the worst for the past three months since that original ultrasound at 19 weeks. I had assumed that the natural birth I longed for just wasn't in the cards for me this time. I had prepared myself to be heartbroken. But now I can look forward with hope and excitement!! This changes everything for me. I know that labor is still unpredictable, but I am a believer in a woman's body's ability to birth a child. True emergencies in labor are rare, and so I'm just overjoyed to be going into it without a pre-existing issue. Thank you for your prayers!!! It was such a huge surprise and blessing to have this burden not only resolved, but two weeks early!

As it happened, Clark was on his way into work at the same time my appointment ended. He took a quick detour to meet me at Dunkin' Donuts for a little 20-minute donut date. He even joined me in a hug and a happy dance over my placenta…..I bet he couldn't have predicted ever doing that ten years ago. Haha.

After our celebratory sugar binge, I went to my chiropractor who fixed me all up again. I really do think it's helping. The ultrasound showed that Autumn is posterior just like both her sisters were (grrr) so the chiropractor is going to focus her attention on optimal positioning from here on out. She wants to see me every week now since things are getting down to the wire. Happy to do it! My back feels better after she works on it, and I'll try anything for an anterior baby this time. ;)

So, I'm a happy mama. I'm feeling good, Autumn's doing great, and we are having NO issues. I'm so thankful! I'm even getting some better sleep now since we got Julee on her new asthma inhaler - she's not waking up at night anymore! My handouts at the birth center today covered how to get labor started (I have special instructions to not do anything until I'm full-term) and what to bring with me to the birth center. Things are getting real, folks! Excited to meet our new girlie!!

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