Monday, November 4, 2013

Here Again. 31.

Today I reached 31 weeks. This was The Week. You know...the week I went into preterm labor when I was pregnant with Lily Mae. I kept very, very busy today - too busy, in fact - and had little time to dwell on the fear that fills me when I get to this point. Nonetheless, I had a few panicky moments. No tears this time, but definitely anxiety-caused trembling in my bones. Not sure which is worse.

I have confidence in the shots, though. They worked with Julee, after all. You'd think I'd have more peace this time, but it's about the same. Because now, if I were to go into labor and have it result in another preemie or bedrest, I'd have not just one but two kids to worry about. I can't even imagine how awful that would be for me, Autumn, and the rest of my family. I know these anxious burdens are not from God and that he'd rather I just surrender the worries, but that's so much easier said than done. I can't forget the experience that I had.

I had a midwife appointment today and everything looked great again. Belly measurement, weight, mine and Autumn's vitals - everything was fine. I thought I was going to need my follow-up ultrasound at my next visit, but it turns out that I can do it the visit after next. I prefer this even though it's longer to wait to find out, because it means I have just that much longer for things to migrate to where they need to be. I mean...if I were to get my ultrasound at 33 weeks and it hadn't moved enough, they could make the call right there. But what if it ended up moving at 34 weeks? We'd never know. So I'm happy to wait as long as possible. December 3rd is the date you need to keep in the backs of your minds. The only downside to this is my risk of preterm labor. Should anything happen before the ultrasound, they would not even let me attempt a natural birth not knowing if my placenta had moved or not.

I did get some encouraging news, though....having an anterior placenta (right in front) is actually less risky for birth in a low-placenta situation. Less chance of it getting pinched and detaching during labor. So that's good! I had been getting the impression that it being anterior was a bad thing.

I went right from that appointment to see the chiropractor. I can honestly tell you that the past week since my last adjustment has been the best week of my entire pregnancy for my back issues. Whatever she did absolutely worked. She didn't need to do much today, and said that I didn't need to come back next week unless I start having serious pain again. It was refreshing to hear her honesty! Because really - what doctor tries to get you to come less often, especially when her practice is dependent on returning patients? So I'll be seeing her again in another two weeks.

I didn't post Halloween pictures last week, because I actually didn't take any. No good ones, anyway. Clark is out of town for work right now and didn't get to see the girls in their costumes, so when he gets back they're going to get dressed up again for him and for some better pictures. I'll post them afterwards. I will share Autumn's costume, though....she went as a pumpkin, haha. Julee had to do the same when she was in my belly, too, so it's only fair. (right?)

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