Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Less Than Five Weeks

No, no. Not less than five weeks until I'm due. Simply five weeks until I'm full term and this baby game is officially on. 34 days to be exact.

My shots are effective for 5-9 days, and so labor is very likely to begin about a week after my last one at 36 weeks (five more to go!). Feels like just yesterday that those shots started, and they'll be over and done with before I know it. Can't believe things are going so quickly!

My back is hanging in there and other symptoms are minimal. I don't have too much to complain about! Clark did have to go away for a couple of weeks for work and that was pretty a.w.f.u.l. We knew about the trip far in advance and we were prepared for it to be as long as it was. What we didn't anticipate was how grueling it would actually be on both ends; Clark was working 16-hour days for the entire duration of his trip, and I was 30-32 weeks pregnant and solo-parenting two toddlers (one of whom ended up getting sick....of course....). Needless to say, it's a HUGE blessing to have him back with us, safe and sound. He was very sorely missed.

Clark got home very late on Thursday after having worked and traveled all day long. He was able to take Friday off, we had a very busy weekend, he had Veteran's Day off yesterday, and he even took today off to spend with us since he has worked so many overtime hours. It has been SO nice to get the extra time with him! It's almost like he wasn't even gone as long as he was. Wait. No. He was gone for what seemed like an eternity. He's got to go back to work tomorrow and I'm not sure I'm ready yet.

I could delve into all the things we've been doing over the past five days, but really it's a lot and probably not very interesting to read about. Let's just say our days have been jam-packed. But you know what's cool?? Clark just finished painting Autumn's room!! I can't wait to show you! This is super fantastic news and something that hasn't happened before: painting the room before the baby is born. Now we can start putting it all together! I finished making a name bunting that will hang over her crib, and it's pretty cute. I'm about finished with an embroidery project, and then next up are sewing up the curtains and recovering the glider (again). We've got a little extra motivation to get things done this time, because our friend Leah is finishing up with school and then coming to live with us in early December during her winter break. She'll be staying in Autumn's room, so it's got to be mostly done by then.

Also, Clark bought me some new jeans! That's pretty exciting until you find out that it was necessary because my only other pair of jeans ripped. Right on the front, in the crotch. And you know what? I've been wearing them anyway for months. Nothing to make a preggo feel more huge than splitting her jeans..... Anyway, I like them. Cool to have something new to wear, since I'm at the point now where it's not logical to buy any more clothes. Too close to the end.

Well, I've got other things to share but this mama's tired. Off to bed, and hopefully I'll manage some extra blogging this week for all the other stuff!

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