Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Day-to-Day (Pictures!)

We've been busy these days and I thought I'd share a little of the goings-on. I'll let the pictures tell the story (mostly).

There has been cuddling. I can't really say that I mind, because snuggling my kidlets is one of my very favorite things to do. But sometimes, especially with another little one in my belly, things can get a little bit crowded these days.

Julee has learned the art of taking off all of her clothes - cloth diaper included - in the time it takes me to hide in my bedroom to brush my teeth. When I come out to find her nekkid booty prancing around, she just looks at me like I'm the weirdo.


Did I mention there's been cuddling?

A new Mellow Mushroom restaurant recently opened up in town and there's usually a wait that overflows outside to the sidewalk to eat there. Clark took a little time off this past week after all the hard work he did on his work trip, so we took the chance to grab lunch at an off-hour one day to not have to wait. The food was alright...prices were steep for us, though. We're pretty stingy when it comes to eating out, though, so it's no surprise that a gourmet pizza joint is a little out of our comfort zone. It was quality family time and thanks to nice SC fall weather we could enjoy the outdoor patio. I'd recommend it. I'd rather go there on a date with Clark though than to take the whole family.

Clark's not actually a grouch. He claims this was a "funny" face. A week ago I "hosted" a potluck picnic for my friends Rita and Kyle to celebrate the coming of their second baby (any day now!!!!). Somehow this was the only picture I took during the entire three hours we were at the playground. It was for families and we all had a great time. The weather was great for us and all the guests brought tasty food. Good times were had by all....I hope. We're really excited to meet the new baby and to find out if it's a boy or girl! The suspense is terrible!! Join me in sending smooth, happy labor vibes to Rita as she prepares for her first experience at the birth center.

Screenshot of the monitor in the girls' room. What you're seeing in the audio history there is before and after administering Julee's new inhaler. That's right, folks. Sadly, she's been having some issues for quite some time. Buggie's been coughing since early summer. There have been ups and downs, but it's been persistent. It seemed to have started with a simple cold resulting in a stubborn cough that she just couldn't shake. It eventually turned to wheezing and a doctor told us that that initial cold may have just moved into her lungs. She got a few breathing treatments and was sent home with the inhaler. The cough still never cleared up though the medicine did always help her coughing fits. I took her back in again last week because I thought the wheezing had come back. Thankfully I was wrong, but the doc then said we should start considering allergies instead. She got put on Zyrtec daily. Still no improvement a week later, though. After an in-depth phone conversation with her main pediatrician, the next and highly-dreaded theory was asthma. She's got family history of it on both sides, so it's really not a surprise. All of her symptoms point right to it. So now she's on a daily preventative asthma inhaler and has another one to use for the sudden coughing fits. Today was the first day we've used the preventative one and also the first day in many weeks that she has not gotten worked up into a breathless coughing fit. I doubt that's any coincidence. Hopefully she can get a good night's sleep tonight (also hasn't happened in can see from the screenshot that it was 5:06am...typical).

Another family date this week to Dunkin. My family is really cute. And yes, those are iced coffee-induced happy feelings swirling out of my head. Obviously.

Thanks, JBug. I know it's getting huge. I'll be full term one month from today. Things that are currently annoying me are the "you've got your hands full are you going to handle another?" and the "looks like that baby's about to come out!" comments. Granted, depending on who says what to me and how it's said, these comments might not be so irritating. But really? First of all, my two girls are amazing, and even though they have their moments of being challenging, they are not a "handful." There will be bumps in the road, but I know they are going to handle this transition in wonderful ways. Also? We wanted this baby. She was not an accident. And so as adults, we knew what we were getting ourselves into with having three children. It's what we wanted. The "how can you handle it" questions offer little more than something to stress about, as if it's going to be more difficult than we could possibly imagine. Instead, how about some encouraging, supportive words, people? Like...."you're going to be so great!" or "having three kids sounds awesome! Wish you the best of luck!"? I'm not saying this to anyone in particular. Just feeling a little down about some comments I've heard lately. And the belly size comments just make me panic. I'm not even 33 weeks yet. I sure hope this baby isn't going to come anytime soon. That would be pretty terrible.

More to blog about soon! Still want to post pictures of the girls' Halloween costumes, and we also went to the fair, and Lily Mae played her last soccer game of the season this morning. We've been SO busy! I'm happy about it, though. See ya soon, friends!


Diane said...

I think you are an amazing mom and know this next baby will only add to the fun. Don't pay any attention to comments made. I love you💗

Elise Goad said...

I wish more people had the biblical view of children. They are a blessing but sadly our society and culture is that children keep you from doing what you want to do. I have to say having 21 months apart was almost too much for me lol.