Tuesday, December 3, 2013

35 Weeks & Lots of Good News!

Hit 35 weeks yesterday! It's so weird…no matter how big my belly gets or how many fruit/veggie size comparisons I read, I have a hard time actually visualizing the size of the very real baby that I'm growing. I seem to always think that the baby would fit in the palm of my hand, and so when infants are actually born, it kind of blows my mind that THAT was actually living inside THERE. Babies seem so big! Like…..that's a huge thing to actually be inside of a woman's abdomen. Well at least I think so. That is, until I reach this point in pregnancy. Lily Mae was born at 35 weeks. I have actually touched, felt, and loved a baby that was born at this point. Makes the whole thing feel a lot less abstract to me.

Over the past two days, I've had a TON of appointments. Well, five. Let me summarize:

1. My nurse came to give me my shot. That makes #20. Now I only have ONE more shot left, and I'll get that next Monday.

2. I had an appointment with the supporting OB, Dr. M, who reviewed my chart, poked around my belly, and declared me good to go for an out-of-hospital birth! Yay! In the event of a transfer/emergency in labor, he will be the one to oversee my care at the hospital.

3. Saw the chiropractor! Man, my lower back is just so wonky, but she makes it feel better. I'll see her next week for one last regular adjustment and then the following week she'll do the magical chiropractic prepare-for-labor tricks. Kind of excited to see what that does!

4. This morning we had the official ultrasound recheck of the low-placenta issue, and the tech confirmed what the midwife found two weeks ago! YAHOO! My placenta is NOwhere near anything anymore - a complete and total non-issue. I have to admit that even though we got the great news a while back, I did let worry get the best of me and started to think that maybe the midwife had been wrong and just not seen things right when she checked. I should've known better. ;) But besides that, we got to see our sweet Autumn!! The ultrasound tech gave Clark and I a good, long tour inside the ol' uterus. I'm 35 weeks, 1 day, and everything is measuring 35 weeks, 2 days - right on track, I'd say! She estimated the baby to be 5lb 9oz right now, which is perfectly healthy and good (that said, size estimates by ultrasound can be off by as much as a pound, so who really knows?). And another thing? Autumn is posterior (the "correct" position for birth)!! I have a feeling she still flips around quite a bit in there, but as far as today, she was more than ideal. The best part of the whole thing was getting to see her face. We didn't get a great still shot of her but in the scan itself we really got to see what she looks like. Big surprise…the looks exactly like her big sisters. Couldn't be happier! Of course it doesn't matter at all what she looks like, but Clark and I happen to think our kids are the cutest things to ever walk the earth so we're excited to add another one who looks like they do. She's got his nose and my mouth, and very pinch-worthy cheeks. Can't wait to see her on the outside!

Hard to tell, I know. She's looking straight ahead - her head is at the top right. You can tell where her eyes, nose, and mouth are, and those cheeks!
5. After the ultrasound, we headed to the birth center for my prenatal appointment with the midwife. We saw Judy this time, and simply enjoyed all the relief that has come in the past couple of weeks. Everything's ok with the birth center staying open, my placenta issues are resolved once and for all, and I've been cleared by the OB! Nothing really left to worry about other than getting through the next 12 days (yes, just twelve) without going into preterm labor. Can't. Believe. It.

Finished up the curtains for the room. Next up is the glider recover and the bedding. Our friend Leah is moving in this weekend so things will be finished by then and I'll have pictures of the room to share!

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